Medical Services

Nigerien Health Care

Give hope to Africans lacking basic medical care by supporting Nigerien health care services available through The Global Network Niger in Niagara Falls, New York. We provide assistance for Nigeriens through medical treatment and preventive care for women and their families via our innovative outreach programs.

We find doctors and health care providers willing to administer care in needy areas of Niger. We recruit potential medical workers by educating people wherever we can about the severe lack of basic medical attention available in Niger. With your help, we can continue to financially subsidize much needed health services.

We continue to work on strengthening our network of doctors and other medical staff within these underserved communities, with a specific focus on women and girls in rural areas. Help us positively impact this African country by eradicating treatable diseases such as fistula in young mothers and human suffering.

We seek to support positive nutritional education, preventive therapies such as inoculations, and access to appropriate antibiotics and other medicines.

Educational and Health Care Center

The GNN is working tirelessly to establish itself as a non-government agency within Niger. The Mayor of Diffa, Niger, donated a 500 square meter plot of land. The NGO plans to acquire more to create various spaces for women and girls' activities. In 2010, the government of Niger approved the official proposal, so all systems are go to build an office and central operating facility. The plans include access to healthcare and educational classrooms to teach skills for individual and collective income-producing businesses.