Finacial Services

Nigerian Financial Aid and Microcredit Lending

Help us administer Nigerian financial aid and microcredit lending where it can best help women improve their futures, through The Global Network Niger in Niagara Falls, New York. We provide funding to women for their Nigerian businesses, by affording them the education and opportunities to successfully launch new careers. Financial assistance for Nigerians goes directly to those in the greatest need and who will benefit the most from the assistance.

Improving Financial Stability and Microcredit Lending

A huge portion of our educational schematic includes teaching marketable skills and business savvy so that women can find success in careers outside of menial labor. When merited, The Global Network Niger facilitates microcredit lending opportunities to jump-start women’s entrepreneurial initiatives.

Microcredit lending offers very small loans to impoverished borrowers who typically lack the income, collateral, and employment history that a traditional bank would require.

Usually microcredit is extended to women in third world countries, with the expectation that it will reduce poverty through employment and higher income. This higher income naturally leads to improved nutrition and higher education for the children of the borrower, thus effectively ending the poverty cycle.