Educational Services

Educating Nigerien Women

Join us in our mission to educate Nigerien women through The Global Network for Niger in Niagara Falls, New York. (Rural) Women in the land-locked country of Niger typically work 16-18 hours per day trying to earn enough for their families to simply survive.

They have little money, power, or access to information, so their only available jobs are physically difficult and low-paying, and most are illiterate. Education gives them the chance to improve their lot in life.

We envision implementing educational assistance for Nigeriens which will contribute to enabling women and girls to improve their overall life chances. By altering the cycle of illiteracy and limited employment opportunities, we empower Nigerien women to become assets to their community. The Global Network Niger main educational goals are:

  • To provide educational opportunities for all children and adults in Niger by establishing partnerships with post-secondary institutions and communities around the world.
  • To facilitate the connection between colleges of education from various universities and the Ecole Normale Superieure.
  • Facilitate partnerships between the national university in Niamey and universities on other nations and continents.