About Us


The overarching mission of GNN is to empower women and children of Niger for a better future. This will be primarily accomplished through fundraising, and grants. At GNN we believe in promoting activities that advance gender and rural development with a focus on supporting women. This iniative is inspired by a women’s group known as ‘I’Association des Femmes de Diffa-AFD’, a regional branch of the ‘Association des Femmes du Niger-AFN a national organization of women, which has existed for nearly thirty years. Women’s Association of Diffa is located in Diffa, Eastern Niger.

We equally seek to inspire and support children’s education through an approach that strengthens the message of the universally known African proverb-‘it takes a whole village to raise a child.’ This mission requires local, national and global partnerships amongst schools, families, students and the broader community. Such partnerships will be extended to higher education where GNN will explore opportunities for grants and scholarships to provide post-secondary education to Niger’s students in various colleges and university in different continents.

Interesting Facts About Niger

Whatever You Thought, Think again!

SIZE: Niger, in West Africa's Sahara region, is four-fifths the size of Alaska. It is surrounded by Mali, Algeria, Libya, Chad, Nigeria, Benin, and Burkina Faso. Niger covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km2; making it the largest nation in West Africa, with over 80 percent of its land area covered by the Sahara desert. The Niger River in the southwest flows through the country's only fertile area. Elsewhere the land is semiarid.

LANGUAGES: The Republic of Niger, République du Niger, population just above 15,000 000. National or official languages: French, Arabic, Fulfulde, Gourmanchéma, Hausa, Manga Kanuri, Tamajaq, Zarma. Literacy rate: 17%. The number of individual languages listed for Niger is 21. Of those, all are living languages.


ECONOMY: The Republic of Niger, République du Niger ranks 6th in world uranium production after Kazakhstan, Canada, Australia, Namibia and Russia.